Hannah's 1st Birthday!!!!
January 21, 2005
We celebrated Hannah's birthday with family and friends.  It was a very special day for us.  I couldn't help but think of her biological mother at this time and wonder if she was thinking of her.  We owe this young woman more than we could ever repay.  She has given us a gift above any other. 

We received an e-mail from the Chief MD at the maternity hospital today wishing Hannah a Happy Birthday.  I thought that was pretty special.  I'm going to print it and save it for her.  We still continue to think of these people that we left behind half a world away.  They are on our minds daily.  The friendships we made there will hopefully be a part of our lives forever.
Suzanne helping Brandon play "Pin the Tail"
Cousin Jayden and Erin Lewis wait their turn.
Cousins Haley and Shainah Bennett.
Daddy decides to try too.
Uncle Timmy takes his turn.
Cousin Shainah thinks she can find it.
Erin Lewis and Brandon Kurtz
From top: Shainah, Scott & Haley Bennett and Tate Martin
Aunt Gina (aka Nanna!!) and Logan Kurtz
Trying to figure out how to blow out the birthday candle.
I DON"T like the hat!!!!!
Diggin in.  This was the first time she had been exposed to this much sugar!!!!!
This was a pretty fun birthday, Mom!! 
There were quite a number of other people, including several sets of grandparents, who helped us celebrate Hannah's first birthday, and I apologize to them for not having their pictures.  I guess I was too caught up in the moment to worry about the camera!  I promise I'll do better next time.