We had Hannah dedicated the first Sunday after we got home.  September 26, 2004
Our Pastor, Rodney Agan with us during the dedication.
A very big Thank you to April Fortenberry for the beautiful dress that Hannah wore.  We changed her out of it right after this picture was made to keep it from getting messed up.  We are having some professional pictures made in it later.
All of Tim's immediate family were able to be at Hannah's dedication.  They are as follows:  Kneeling: Scott & Haley;
Seated: Suzanne, Patsy, Ruby (Mom), Hannah, Regina, Regina B, & Shainah; Standing: Chris, Matthew, Felix, Tim, Tim B, & Jessica. 
My (Regina) immediate family that was able to attend the dedication.  They are as follows:  Seated: Dianne (Mom), MoMo Webb, Hannah, Aunt Pearl & Regina; Standing: Alfred (Dad) & Tim