Coweta County Fair
September, 2005
Hannah's First Fair

Hannah LOVED the fair.  It took a few minutes for her to warm up to the rides, but then she acted like an old pro.  She especially liked the car type rides where she could turn the wheel. 
This was at the end of our first ride.  She couldn't decide if she liked it or not.  (Note the clenched jaw)
This ride she adored.  It helped that this little boy's Mom was just as afraid as I was to let them ride by themselves.  We agreed to let them ride together.  They were so cute together.  By the end of the ride though, she was hugged up to him like she had known him all of her life!  I'm in trouble if this is any indication of how it's going to be later!  Note the man laughing in the bottom right photo.  I think that's the little boy's daddy laughing at the way Hannah was flirting with his son!
She wasn't crazy about this ride.  It went up and down in circles.  I don't think it helped that an older child screamed the entire time.
Daddy's turn.
This was the ride I was the most concerned about.  We were in this dinosaur that goes round and round as fast as you want with other children who promised they wouldn't make it go fast.  Yea, right.  If you believe that, I've got some great swamp land for sale.  Once they saw she liked the ride, they gave it all they had. She had a blast!  I kept expecting her to throw up any minute, but she rode it like she had done it hundreds of times before.  She is going to be ready for the "big girl" rides at Six Flaggs LONG before Tim is ready!  That's MY girl!!!
Back to her favorite ride one last time before we left.