Gulf Shores Vacation
June 2005

We took Hannah on her first family vacation to Gulf Shores, Al.  We have enjoyed many summers and falls here and it is one of our favorite places to visit.  Suzanne, Hannah and I traveled down first and Tim and Chris came a few days later. 

Hannah loved the beach.  She wasn't as crazy about the ocean though.  It could be that we were in the middle of a little storm weather too.  I think the waves were a little big for her this time.  We were content to just let her play on the beach and in the pool.  She is definitely a water baby.  She loves to be in the pool paddling around.  She has already had a few swimming lessons given to her by her Nanny Ellen.  Ms. Ellen is a wonderful woman from our Church that Hannah adores.  She is with her while we work every day.  She has truly been a blessing to us.
Checking our new digs.  I could get used to this!
Note to self:  Next time remember to bring a pack mule to carry all of our stuff to the beach!!
She's not so sure about the waves.  They were a little high this week because of a tropical storm that was headed our way.
This is more my speed!
Daddy burying me in the sand.
Daddy, this is the life!!!
Notice the plywood behind Hannah.  Some of the condos are still repairing from Hurricane Ivan.
Playing in a storage box.
The view from our balcony.
Uncle Chris & Aunt Suzanne
a.k.a. Mommy & Daddy to be!!!
What a difference a year makes!!! Exactly one year ago we were here in almost this same condo.  We were waiting for the call that would change our lives forever.  I remember staring out over this same stretch of beach wondering when it would be our turn.  Some of the families that signed on when we did were already receiving referrals so I knew it wouldn't be long.  The call came exactly 5 days after we got home.  3 weeks later we had travel dates.  3 weeks after that, we were in Kazakhstan.  Like I said before, what a difference a year makes!